We bring our Lean approach developed from over seventy-four years’ experience in the industrial manufacturing sector and apply it to FK MRO. Our last thirty years in the automotive manufacturing sector has provided us with even more focused experience in Lean practices and the distribution of critical MRO supplies

We recognize and adapt to the fact that each customer and partner has different business practices and needs, regardless of their sector of operation.

Based on our experience, we do not attempt to fit everyone into one standard solution which has made FK the chosen supplier for many Fortune 500, Global 500, as well as regional and local customers and partners as well. Very often we bring methodologies learned in larger environments to our smaller partners providing them with increased efficiencies.

By analyzing data and workflows within each relationship, we develop innovative sustainable solutions that meet each stakeholder’s specific needs within a facility or job site. This enables us to deliver real results and add value to both partners.

Each of our solutions is focused on reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your MRO supplies. Our TCO approach focuses on improving your revenues, reducing or eliminating your held inventory, reducing your expenditure and streamlining the replenishment processes.

Each of our solutions listed below can be implemented as a stand-alone system or combined to create a hybrid solution focused on optimizing the benefit to you.

SBS Agreement

A special buyer stock (SBS) agreement protects your continuity of supply for critical items used within your facility. With an SBS agreement in place, FK can ensure the supply channel is managed to meet your requirements. Contact FK to discuss the benefits of SBS agreements and how they are designed to protect you.